Personalised Children's Story Books

I'm now offering the opportunity to put your children and young loved ones as a character into my colourful and vibrant story books. The range has been started with the story of "The Colourful Elephant" which is the heartwarming story of a little girl who loses her favourite pillow and friend and accepts the help of a strange looking, little, colourful elephant in return for being the little elephant's friend. However, the little girl goes back on her promise but is ultimately reminded of the values of friendship, gratitude and not to judge others by their looks. 

If you are looking for suitable bedtime reading with moral values, why not commission one of my story books illustrated with images of your child and their name in the storyline?


This story just includes one child and her-his name. To add more family members in the story it will be 15£ more for each character included in the story.


To personalise a unique story of your child please send me an email. Prices will vary depending of the number of illustrations and the number of characters per book.

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