"Selfie" Style Illustrated Portraits

Are you looking for a unique gift for yourself, friends or family?  How about one of our beautiful and colourful "Selfie" style illustrated portraits?  Our illustrated portraits are very versatile. You can choose to use them as screensavers on computers and mobile devices; as an art print in your home or your office as a reminder of those precious moments.  Each portrait is individually illustrated and priced depending on the number of subjects and complexity and whether or not you just want the digital image or an art print.  Please use the contact form below to send your enquiry.

Whilst I take every care to capture the "essence" of a person(s) from the photos given, it is important to note that my style is  unique and I am not trying to create neither caricatures nor exact copies of the subject. The samples below reflect my style and what you can expect when ordering a selfie portrait from me. I hope you like what you see and I hope to hear from you soon.

For guidance, a single subject portrait on a simple background costs £70 which includes and A3 print (on archival quality paper) and a low resolution image for mobile devices. Subsequent A3 prints will be £25 per print.

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The images below are a selection taken from my commission projects. Please click on an image to find out more.

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Selfie Illustrated Portrait of a Couple on Holiday

This colourful, "Selfie" style, illustrated portrait shows a couple enjoying the beautiful gardens of Giverney, France previously owned by Monet which inspired much of his art. A perfect reminder of a wonderful moment together.