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Original 3D Mixed Media and Cut Out Painted painted paper. Signed by Rosa Brown


A “buhr”  was essentially a layered series of ditches and earthen ramparts which provided protection to the civilian settlement and to the strategically important military base  which at the time was the border of the Saxon and Danelaw (Viking) territories. Within the walls of the buhr, all life took place including trade, pastoral farming (pigs and sheep) and craftsmanship (blacksmiths for example) as well as being a base for soldiers. During the reign of Aethelfaeda, this buhr was further fortified. Following the Norman conquest, a wooden tower was constructed on top of the Saxon buhr .

A Photo  has been taken from  the  original 3D handmade cut out and handpainted artwork . Now available as an affordable print to bring colour and life to your home.  This print is  now available in A4 and A3. Frame - White 

"The Buhr" Original 3D Cut Out Paper

  • Postage and Packing included within the UK.  Except for the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

  • Aprox size of the frame 34.5 x 46.5 cm

    Aprox deep frame 7 cm

    Image size 30x42

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