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Digital print. Photo taken from  the  original 3D handmade cut out and handpainted artwork . Now available as an affordable print to bring colour and life to your home.  This print is available in A4 and A3. White Frame

“The White Lady and the Knights” Print

  • The legend of the White Lady goes back countless centuries.  It is very much a part of local  folklore, and is a tale bound up in Arthurian legend, but most unusual of all, it was actually supposed to have happened in Tamworth.  All the many other stories concerning King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table occurred in various places all over Great Britain some identifiable, some still baffling the historians, but this is the only known local one.

    A ballad was composed about this tragic romance of the white lady and Sir Tarquin, probably dating from the Middle Ages but now unfortunately lost.  In the 15th century a fresco of huge proportions was painted on the north wall of the great hall of the castle depicting the scene when Sir Lancelot de Lac and Sir Tarquin, two knights of the Round Table, fought a duel in the meadows below the castle of Tarquin, which Lancelot won.   The white lady may have been the subject of a rescue bid by Lancelot, but she had not apparently wanted to be rescued and after her lover was slain, she died of grief, her distraught spirit, it is said, haunting the meadows still. 

  • Postage and Packing included within the UK.  Except for the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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