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Digital print. Photo taken from  the  origina 3D handmade cut out and handpainted artwork . Now available as an affordable print to bring colour and life to your home.  

Whilst we often think of the Vikings as violent aggressors, raiders and ultimately conquerors, this art work acknowledges the often overlooked side of their history and culture.


They were expert sea farers and used the oceans as their highway. We know their explorations and travels took them as far west as North America, Russia to the east, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. 


Whilst their initial intentions in England were simply that of looting wealth (especially from English churches and monasteries) and taking it back to their Scandinavian homeland, they ultimately settled in the lands which they seized here. 

Dawn of the Vikings Art Print

  • Printed on archival matt paper

    Glicee art print

    Available as an A 4 and A 3 size art print

    Unframed, unmounted

    Illustrated by Rosa Brown in her very unique colourful style 

    Packed in a cellophane bag with backing board

    Designed, printed and packed in my own studio in the UK

  • Postage and Packing included within the UK.  Except for the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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