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Digital print. Photo taken from  the  original 3D handmade cut out and handpainted artwork . Now available as an affordable print to bring colour and life to your home.  This print is available in A4 and A3 

Horses whether they have liked it or not have been an important part of warfare over the centuries.  Ancient empires (Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Mongolian and Persian etc) were built on the back of horse mounted armies to provide mobility and impart terror to enemy forces. 


Indeed, before the Spanish invasion of my Mexican homeland, horses were unknown in the Americas and even the great warriors of the Aztec empire were terrified of them thinking they were monsters. However, with the gradual colonisation of the Americas by European countries, the indigenous Indians learnt to harness the power of the horse and became expert horseman whilst treating their horses with care and respect. 


In centuries to come, with the advent of cannons and the need to take heavy supplies and munitions to the battlefield, they became a vital part of military logistics before mechanised transport largely took over. However, rather than the reverence afforded to them by historic horseback riders, their life in later times was a harsh and brutal existence which often resulted in mistreatment and usually their unfortunate death.


This image is a celebration of the war horse through the ages and I have tried to include pattern designs inspired by ancient and medieval periods of history. 

"War Horse"