Selfie Style Illustrated Portraits

Are you looking for a unique gift for a family member or a friend?  Why not commission a personalised, individually illustrated "Selfie"style Portrait? Click on an image in the gallery  below  to find out more.


Handmade, Soft Plush Toys and Gifts.

Are you looking for something to comfort the little ones (even the grown ups)? Our handmade and  cuddly Virgin Mary could be the answer. Click on one of the images to find out more.


Children's Personalised Story Books.

Are you looking for suitable story books to teach children values such as kindness, friendship and tolerance? Then why not commission their very own story book containing their name and illustrated character portraits? To find out more, please click on an image in the gallery below.

Illustrated Concertina Books

These wonderfully hand made, colourfully illustrated concertina books have various themes such as travel, other cultures and faith. These concertina books make a unique gift for the discerning recipient.

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