In an exhibition in London. I was asked to donate an illustration for a fund raising auction.


About Me

Hi I'm Rosa Brown. I always  have had a love affair with art, crafts and being creative since I was a child.

My origins come from a  culture that is full of colour and beautiful imagery found in ancient monuments, nature, regional costumes and food. Now that I am living in the UK, I am inspired to create art which not only draws upon my Mexican heritage but also the beauty and history of the UK.

My first art business was a hand made wooden craft business making decorations for special occasions. I also offered craft and painting workshops for children and adults which were always popular.  Since studying Visual Communication and Illustration here in the UK, I have learned to work by combining digital and traditional  art processes and with different media such as textiles, paper, board and wood.​

I love working with  textures and I am always looking for interesting things from nature such as leaves, flowers, trees, etc whose textures I can use in my work.  

Other aspects of art creation I really enjoy is making patterns some of which have been used for wall coverings and textiles.

Why "Flontiere"?

Flontiere originates from a term of endearment  in Spanish which my husband adopted for me after we got married. I thought it was original and creative so I decided to use it as the name of my business.

Where I'm located?

I'm located in the Midlands, UK.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and shop.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards


Rosa Brown

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