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In my first art exhibition in London. I was asked to donate an illustration for a fund raising auction. Amazing experience! 


Welcome!   I'm Rosa Brown.

A little bit about myself.....
My origins come from a  culture that is full of colour and beautiful imagery. Now that I am living in the UK, I am inspired to create art which not only draws upon my Mexican heritage but also the beauty and history of the UK.

I was very fortunate when I moved to the UK , my husband was so supportive and persuasive about going back to university that I had the opportunity to do it.

I studied Visual Comunication at BCU in Birmingham and thanks to all my amazing teachers I learned so much that I don't have words to express my gratitude.  I know now how to tell stories and follow a brief to create, design and illustrate stories for  books etc. It took me awhile to develop my own style, but now I can say that  I have found it.  My style is very bright, colourful and can be maximalist which I think has been influenced by my Mexican roots.

 I also love experimenting with materials and working with  textures and cut out paper. Other aspects of art creation I really enjoy is making patterns some of which have been used for wall coverings and textiles.

Where I'm located?

I'm located in the Midlands, UK.



Why "Flontiere"?

Flontiere originates from a term of endearment  in Spanish which my husband adopted for me after we got married. I thought it was original and creative so I decided to use it as the name for my trading name.


Willow Special Days for Seriously Ill Young Adults.

During the Exhibition my husband and one of  the organisers (Bob Wilson- former  Arsenal goalie ) of the charity Willow showed my small contribution for the charity auction.


My Studio

The place where I love and enjoy working, creating, designing, inventing and very often looking very busy and untidy.

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